Quinceañera Dance – Santa Ana only

Need a choreographer for a Quinceañera?

My name is Palmyra Perez and I specialize in Quinceañera dance instruction, including the Grand Entrance, Waltz (Vals), Surprise and Father-Daughter dance.

Depending on the dance experience level of you and your court, I will happily accommodate you:

• Beginner: I will be patient with you.
• Intermediate: I will be straightforward with you.
• Advanced: I will challenge you.

Your Quinceañera performance should reflect your personality and involve styles and movements that you are comfortable performing. Be it traditional steps, such as Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia, or more contemporary forms, such as Hip Hop and Reggaeton. We will choreograph and teach you your dream quince performance!

In the true spirit of Quinceñeara dance instruction I will come to your location to teach you and your court. And, of course, se habla espanol.

To reiterate, Quinceañera dance lessons are taught by me, Palmyra Perez, an experienced dance instructor, choreographer and performer. Due to freeway traffic congestion and increasing fuel costs, I am currently only able to teach quinceaneras lessons in Santa Ana. Please read more about me.

About Me

Being of Mexican-American descent and growing up in Huntington Park (CA), the sounds and movements of latin music and dance were ingrained in my bones at an early age.

I moved on to spend my teenage years in La Palma (CA), dancing in various forms, including salsa, contemporary and even cheerleading.

I went on to study dance at Cypress College and received my degree in that field in 2006.

After graduation I didn’t miss a beat. I was fortunate enough to find enough choreographing, teaching and performing jobs to eek out a nice, happy living. Which, believe me, is harder than it sounds.

I’ve had the opportunity to perform in or attend dance performances all over the world including, Los Angeles, New York City, Thailand, Mexico and Spain. I will bring all my experience to your footstep!


I understand the quinceañera planning process can be stressful and vendor pricing can be confusing. I’ve tried to simplify things as much as possible.

My pricing is simple: $50 per hour. 2 hour minimum. 5 lesson minimum.

How many lessons do you require? I recommend five lessons. This will allow you to fully grasp your routine and comfortably perform at your quinceañera.

In addition to choreographing, traveling to and teaching your five classes in Santa Ana. The Five Lesson Package includes…

  • Me being at your actual quinceañera, or the dress rehearsal. Whichever you choose. Note: It must be within 20 miles of Santa Ana, CA
  • Me providing customer support during the entire lesson process. I will answer all your questions by phone, email, in person (at lessons) or by “Leave a Reply” (below).
  • Me preparing your quince dance music (if necessary).

To reserve your lessons, I require an initial deposit of $300. This will be credited towards the first 3 lessons. The remaining lessons will paid on a “per lesson basis” before the each one begins.

Please “Leave a Reply” below so we can arrange a time to meet and begin your quince dance instruction.

Se habla español.

I will respond to you as quickly as possible!

Please remember: Your lessons must take place within Santa Ana for me to teach them!

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